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The field of information technology and computer science is growing rapidly to accommodate all short of application. The rapid growth has resulted in total change in the technology and programming paradigm. The software development these days are very big in size and extremely complex in nature.

These system are in fact beyond the comprehension of one programmer. The object oriented software development paradigm has come into existence to develop complex softwares. Java is becoming more and popular in the object oriented development domain for internet application.

In this tutorial care has been taken to present the language java in a lucid style. All the feature of the language have been presented in a simple and comprehensive approach.  A number of simple and apt examples of given to make the viewers easy to understand the concepts in the right form. For every concept a suitable simple application has been explained fully first, designed using object oriented approach and then coded using java. The output using an apt data set has also been given. In certain cases even more examples are given.

The viewer will find this approach easy to understand not only java but also the object oriented paradigm. The viewer is recommend to implement all the examples using java system STK. Java abstract window toolkit, swing classes and applets have been exhaustively covered.

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