Java-Example of Protected Access

Example of Protected Access

When the protected access control modifier is specified for a variable or method in a class, it can be accessed by the methods of the same class, subclasses in the same package and non-subclasses in the same package. Furthermore, protected variables and methods can be accessed by all methods of subclasses in different packages. The visibility level of a protected field lies in between the public access and package access. Note that non-subclasses in other packages cannot access the protected members.

In the following program, the variable data has been declared as protected. A subclass in another package can inherit a protected member. It would not have been possible if it has been declared as either private or package access.


502 final

Package Source

package mypack;

public class Data {
    protected int data = 20;

Program Source

import mypack.Data;

class AccessData extends Data {
    void showData()
        System.out.println("Data = "+data);

public class Javaapp {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        AccessData ad = new AccessData();

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